Saturday, February 27, 2010

New riding buddy

Its been a while and I'm now back into training. I have my road bike built and a mountain bike.
Getting out on the road again is good. Whats better, I have company on those early morning starts! Trickle and I plan to do some more training together since we are so close and have that competitive bond. Us mountain bikers are going to WHOOP ARSE! =]
The view at the top of Clear Mt.

Monday, January 18, 2010

LunarC 8 hour 12pm - 8am

Well, where to start..
Late friday arvo I get a good old text from Declan asking whether I wanna come out with Hub Cap and him self to the new event put on by In 2 Adventure called "LunarC 8 hour". He also said do you drink Rum.. Two yes's later and I was ready to go. Declan and I were spectators/support. Hub Cap wasn't racing serious because he had spent all day on the bike before hand and Declan and I missed two of his four laps! OOPS!
Anyway, one drink after another.. the louder we got, the more annoying we got, the more clothes we dropped, the more fun had and more enjoyable it became.. I haven't heard any negative feedback about our support and encourgement so I think everyone enjoyed the help up the hill!Heres a qoute from a MTBdirt forum member Hungry Stu

"So, I'm in my camp site, the family is asleep 1m away, tucked up nicely in their beds. I've just comleted lap 4 so its still early in the race and I'm having a little lie down to try and relax my back and neck. When two very enthusiastic supporters stumble in rattling rum cans, shouting exuberant motivational words of wisdom at the top of their lungs and literally pick me up, throw a helmet on top and push me back out onto the trail.

Thanks boys. Although I think the hardest part of the entire event was trying not to fall off my bike coming out of transition as I looked up the hill to see you guys stripped down to your undies passionately encouraging people up the hill whether they wanted it or not. Laugh, man, I nearly spilt a valve!!!! Great work there should be more of it!"

The highlight of our night was running near naked from the bottom of the main climb with Andy Fellows (3rd place 24hr WORLDCHAMP) to the top, with a rum in one hand and cowbell in the other. Andy also managed to down half of Declan's rum can before smashing on another consistent lap time. Than having himself thank Declan and I for our rowdyness after the event was just AWESOME!Other highlights were cheering the Ay Up and For The Riders crew well everyone in general. So many smiles and so much laughter it made my day. Thanks Hubcap, Declan and everyone who was competing. Must say a very well organised event, a top way to start the year. It also sets a high expectation for the events organisers this year.
More photos to be added, hopefully a few of Andy F, The Ay Up and For The Riders crew's!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stopped already

Unfortunately my month of training has been quickly stopped... Sunday I was hit by a car.. The driver didn't see me but thankfully he stopped and so did 4 or 5 others who all ran over to help. The driver than took me home and made sure I was ok while a kind lady took care of my bike. It all happened so quickly and I was very lucky to get away with minor injuries (torn ankle ligiments, gravel rash. 4-6 weeks off at this stage). 1metre to the left and I would of fallen onto a highway and a car width to the right and I would of been under on coming traffic. This accident was my first and was very scary. I now realise how dangerous cycling can be. I didn't do anything wrong but it only takes one mistake or one silly move to take a cyclist out. I got the guys work place name and hopefully will sort out some insurance details soon to cover bike bits that were damaged but the main reason I'm posting this is to thank all the people that stopped. I want you to know I really appreicate your help!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It all begins...

I have the motivation. I have the time. I have a bike.

The next month is the start of a new journey. A fresh start with nothing to worry about, nothing to think about, to be healthy, to be happy, to have fun, to be free and to focus on what I want..

This may not make any sense to anyone, but it's clear in my head. This month is the chance for me to change - I could type all day saying whats going to change but theres no point. Friends and Family will notice.. Goals are set, plans are made, dreams will be chased.By the end of this month I'm going to be different.

On the other hand, I've also sold my road bike.. and the new project is under way...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Full Carbon Road Bike FOR SALE! CHEAP!

Full CARBON road bike - Jamis Xenith Pro

Full carbon, full carbon fork including steerer and spacers, full shimano ulterga running gear, carbon cranks, easton bars/stem/seat post, easton circuit wheels.

Price - $2000. Very desperate to get this gone asap as I need my new bike so don't be afraid to offers something

Includes pedals and will include new near shimano shoes size 45!!

Contact - or leave a msg!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Polished Cranks

A mate of mine asked me to mirror polish his cranks....

Final product below..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The past month - wrap up..

1. Team BNT (Bradley and Taylor) 2nd place at the DELXC 6 hour - Coming from a lap down to equal 2nd. Highlights, awesome time with one of my best mates. Very well organised and awesome track.Italic

2. Canugra 24 hour, 6 man team. Chain Gang/Redback cycles 1st 5 laps up on 2nd place. Highlight - I did not enjoy this event, I had a few mechincals and didn't ride very well.

3. Rainbow (race) Ride. First road race (160km). 1st in age group, 7th overall with 4hrs 33mins. I did this race unsupported I ran out of water 40kms to go which caused me to get dropped from the main bunch. Highlights- the night out with Juscruzin and Winner, AWESOME.

4. Unexpected race- late entry. Karingal 4 hour mtb race held by South side Rats. Team of two with WINNER (Peter Winfield) IMPORTER OF VENTANA/BLACKSHEEP BIKES..We shared a rigid single speed driven by a belt drive system. We did very well and placed 4th. Highlights - This was the best race support ever. My race entry, kit, bike, food, drink and lift was all looked after, all I had to do was ride - HUGE THANKS TO JUSCRUZIN AND WINNER.

till next time..